Telemedicine guidelines of India simplified

In these challenging time for healthcare fraternity, Dofody is helping doctors by providing a legally safe platform for practicing telemedicine services, so that patients continue to get access to healthcare.

Telemedicine guidlines simplified

Do not type prescriptions via SMS, Whatsapp, Mail or other social media platforms to avoid medicolegal liabilities
Write prescriptions on your pad and ensure that you mention 'Teleconsultation' and your registration number. Sign it physically or electronically and take a picture or scan it and then send to your patient.
You have the right to refuse online consultation mid-way if the patient is under influence of alcohol, drug, or adamant of getting a specific treatment. Politely close the call and ask patient for a physical/video consultation. You will not be liable for deficiency of service.
Discuss detailed medical history and record it on prescription or notes. Ensure that you record patient's identifier (date of birth, Aadhar etc.) and save a copy of every prescription to avoid future medical liabilities.
Prescription guidelines:
  • You can prescribe Schedule O /OTC drugs on any form i.e. phone, chat or video.
  • You can prescribe Schedule A drugs only via a video or follow-up consultation.
  • You can prescribe schedule B drugs, only in follow-up consultations.
  • You cannot prescribe Schedule X, prohibited, narcotic drugs on telemedicine due to high abuse potential.

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