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Instant and affordable quality healthcare for everyone in India, whenever and wherever they want it, made possible with the help of innovative technology, that's what Dofody is all about. Our beloved country is growing at a tremendous pace and so is the need for accessible and affordable healthcare.

Ask yourself, how many times have you called or texted your doctor friend to get medical help? You have done it before and that's exactly what we are providing, in a much better way for both the users as well as the doctors.

At Dofody, anyone can get expert healthcare service from experienced doctors 24/7. Our doctors will ask you relevant questions, may perform remote examinations, request you to do investigations and give you signed prescriptions that you can produce at local medicine outlets. No more seeking medicines from the "medical shop guy" for that nasty headache!

Dofody is "Doctors for everybody" in short and that's exactly our mission. We dream of a healthy nation where anyone having a medical problem can get first hand professional advice from doctors using their phones or computers. Not just that, we are helping you save your valuable time and money! Just think about it.

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