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Hi 🙋‍♀️, I'm Dr. Hashmi and I'll be your family doctor. Subscribe to the "family clinic" today to get my advice and opinion for 365 days, not just for you, but for your whole family! Family medicine is a specialty degree and I'm a certified Family Medicine doctor. So, what are the conditions that a family doctor takes care of? * Any minor health problem like fever, cough, common cold, runny nose, headache, body pain, minor injuries, * Women's health problems like delayed periods, period pain, pregnancy, abdominal pain, urine infection, skin and hair problems * Children's fever, excessive crying, cough, ear pain, stomach pain, parenting tips, and more A family doctor looks after the whole family, and they say, we are experts from "Womb to Tomb" 😊 What do you get in the Family doctor package? Unlimited Consultation worth Rs 11200 + Personalized diet plan worth 2000 + Concierge service (any time medical help) worth Rs 3000 + Other specialty dr opinion worth Rs 3000 + Explain your condition package worth Rs 6000 Total =25200 One-year validity, Same doctor for the whole family But now our original price is 8737 That means you get 66% discount... And launching offer extra 25% discount, So now the price is 6990 only.. Offer valid till June 31, 2023 Total Discount 72%


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